Improving Safety Standards in an Organization

A Warehouse Safety checklist is one of the most effective ways by which a warehouse manager can keep their dedicated or multi-client warehousing operations safe for their employees and visitors.

Daily heavy-duty cargo workload lead to continuous safety hazards in a warehouse operation. If not properly managed, an unsafe warehouse operation can lead to safety violations. GWL, which is considered the finest Logistics Company with warehousing service in Dubai caters to all the norms and regularly works to improve its standards.

Safety measures:

  • Warehouse supervisors must ensure that Safety Procedures are posted clearly around the Facility and the Safety Expectations are communicated to the staff on a regular basis.
  • Warehousing service providers in Jebel Ali should be educated with the Environment, Health and Safety Guidelines given by EHS Dept in JAFZA.
  • There should Preventive and Corrective Actions in place to allow Employees to update their processes and train new colleagues.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly safety sweeps allow you to troubleshoot potential safety hazards within your warehouse operation.
  • Schedule periodic training sessions to educate and refresh your employees about how to ensure consistent workplace safety practices.
  • Creating a Safety Committee within warehouse environment will empower the employees to communicate about and follow through on potential workplace safety hazards or concerns.

Details not to be overlooked

It is important for all Employees of a logistics service provider, especially those working inside the warehouse to know where the emergency exit doors are located in case of a Fire.

The Team should be aware of where the closest eye wash station is located, ensure that the first-aid kit is properly stocked with the required medical equipment and learn how to use the fire extinguisher.

When seconds matter, making sure your employees can quickly locate safety equipment can make the difference between a minor and major accident. When safety procedures are soundly implemented, there are major benefits such as higher employee satisfaction as well as increased productivity and improved sense of security.

Awareness at work place – of prime importance

Having a sense of awareness in the workplace of a logistics company is an important safety factor. This can be achieved through communication between staff members. By employees being vocal and conversing with other employees, collision incidents can be drastically reduced. A warehouse needs to be more concerned about safety because of the sort of task the employees handle. All staff members should be encouraged to be constantly aware of what’s going around them and to communicate if any potential hazards are possible. No Safety Measure is too small and constant improvement is required.

GWL regards Safety as one of their prime responsibilities and consistently audits its facilities and workers to safeguard that everyone follows the Procedures Strictly.

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