Freight Forwarding Service in Dubai: Why Choose GWL?

Every business demands quick and efficient service. Time is the most important commodity in Supply Chain Management, especially in the rising times of E-Commerce services.

Jebel Ali Free Zone is the unique Trade Zone in the World; with the presence of one of the largest Shipping Ports as well as one of the largest Airports in the same location; it offers an unparalleled opportunity for Importers and Exporters to speed up delivery times using the combination of Air-Sea operations.

GWL is appropriately located in the heart of Jebel Ali Free Zone; and is working towards becoming a premier freight forwarding service provider in Dubai.

Ship with Ease

In today’s fast-paced world, you need to be highly productive and deliver goods to the clients in the quickest possible time. If your company is into export and import business, then you must be seeking the help of cargo ships quite often and selecting a knowledgeable and efficient Freight Forwarding Partner can save you a Good amount of Money and more importantly, Time.

Although there are many providers, the shipment process is a tricky job when there are multiple destinations and modes available to choose from. Selecting the most efficient manner of Cargo Movement is essential in building Supply Chain Goodwill with customers and suppliers alike.

Customs Documentation processing is essential for clearing goods through the Port Authorities and Shipping Lines. GWL has the expertise in preparing Export Documentation and Import Bills of Entry to ensure smooth and quick transfer of cargo through the Port.

If your business is in Dubai and in need of a reliable logistics service provider to provide end-to-end Shipping Solutions, GWL has excellent tie-ups with AIO Agent Network. We have agents located in over 70 countries worldwide that can provide Port Solutions to pick-up and delivery your product to the correct location and in the fastest possible manner.

Get appropriate and accurate ocean freight forwarding service

We at GWL have an exclusive Freight department, offering both Ocean and Air Freight Solutions. The department is managed by experts who are adept in handling a wide range of services like Full container loads (FCL), less than container loads (LCL) and non-containerized loads in terms of oversized shipments.

Specifically, for Ocean Freight, we enjoy strong relations with Shipping Lines utilizing quality carriers covering all important ocean routes that move through Jebel Ali Port.

Our strength lies in seamless delivery utilizing all optimal connections to offer reduced transit time to our customers, competitive market rates and providing utmost protection and capacity in the time of demand.

We are accomplished in providing customized services as per the requirement of our customers. Our comprehensive networks of agents distributed globally are talented in providing exceptional solutions to our customers based in different countries of the world.

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