Digital Marketing in the Logistics Industry

Customer relationships rely heavily on trust. Digital marketing is fast becoming the medium that organizations use to reach out to their customers, fans and build this relationship.

Now most users are heavily reliant on Mobiles and Computers to conduct business, and more than 50% of time online is spent on Social Media Websites such as Facebook / Instagram / Whatsapp and the linkedIn.

Digital marketing gives an opportunity for a smaller organization to level the playing field with its larger competition, by being pro-active and personal with the audience.

Talking about Dubai, this city is developing its digital marketing arm in the logistics industries by leaps and bounds. We at GWL, is a reputed logistics company in Dubai who are gearing up with the latest upgrades to be included on our website as well as social platforms in order to have a smooth and efficient business altogether.

Let’s take a look at few pointers that would assist any logistics industry to fortify its digital marketing effort –

  • While promoting a logistics company online, the target audience needs to be identified. For example, it could be a B2B or a B2C category, customers or business or end users.

  • When it comes to website building, the logistics company should pay importance to simple, yet elegant designs. Relevant content that talks about the company’s services should be easily accessible on the site. Thereafter, the content should be SEO optimized in order to be in Google SERP.

  • Meta description with the keywords should be dispersed in the body text of the site. The images displayed all through the site should also have alt texts.

  • As far as social media is concerned, the company page and profiles should be updated intermittently. Each FB post should have interesting content to engage readership. Side by side, every comment or relevant query in FB and Twitter should be addressed regularly.

  • A verified Google local listing of the company is equally crucial along with Company LinkedIn Page for brand promotion.

  • To secure backlinks, publishing blogs along with microblogs on third-party platforms along with business listings are important.

At GWL, we are focused toward updating our digital marketing team as well as strategies to make our digitalization even stronger. We are one such Third Party Logistics Service Provider who rely and garner heavily on customer feedbacks and so, our digital presence is shaped accordingly.

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